To the vast majority of attorneys and their clients, contingency fees can be frustrating for several different reasons. One case being is that in the event of a particular case ending quickly, some clients may feel as if they had paid too much for their attorney due to the fact that the case’s duration of time was short.

Another reason is that a case may go longer than it was originally expected or maybe the case did receive the amount of money the client had intended on but they become frustrated due to the lost time and the loss of expenses.

To put it simply, contingency fees regardless of the case will more than likely not end up being accurate. This may ultimately create a feeling of being slighted either for the attorney, the client or both. Every attorney will be aware of the risk involved in each case and sometimes they end up offsetting the possibility of being paid too little on some individual cases. A lawyer will also flirt with the chance of being paid more in expenses on some cases than they would on others, naturally. The reality is, clients who inevitably pay a sizeable fee to an attorney may get put off by the time the case eventually closes.

The problem with society today is that the overall impression of attorney is molded around movies, TV commercials and shows. Many people today have the notion that attorneys are typically paid on contingency but the truth of the matter is, contingency fees are only made available to a few specific types of law. These specific areas of law are the kind which are usually presented on television.

The Areas of Law Which Contingency Fees are Available For are:

  • Products which end up being defective and causing bodily harm
  • Cases involving car accidents, work accidents and other types of bodily harm
  • Violations presented against creditors for causing harassment against debtors

Areas of Law Which Contingency Fees May Be Available for:

  • Large debt collections
  • Law involving employment and issues surrounding wages

Areas of Law Which Never Utilize Contingency Fees:

  • Immigration
  • Adoption
  • Bankruptcy
  • Starting a Business
  • Patenting or registering a trademark/copyright
  • Divorce and legal issues which surround matters of family

These are a few varied factors that attorneys consider when they are gauging whether or not they should accept a case which is based on contingency. Several lawyers are very timid because there is the possibility that their firm will not get paid anything. Their is the risk that they may get overpaid and upset their client. They also fear that payment will become delayed until it is collected from the opposing parties.
Selective Contingency is the Key

Those attorneys who are particular about the contingency cases they select will more than likely end up successful in the long run. Those attorneys who take on smaller cases which are strictly based on contingency will endure a higher percentage of faltering. It simply comes down to what the case ultimately needs to make both parties involved the happiest, the attorney and their client.