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Cultural Corridor Coalition

The Cultural Corridor Coalition is a nonprofit organization that promotes the preservation and protection of Las Vegas’s historic cultural corridor. This group was founded in early 2000 by community leaders who wanted to preserve significant buildings, sites, and artifacts while also celebrating our city’s history through art projects like murals, sculptures, paintings, and more. The coalition has grown into an international model for other cities looking to promote their own historical landmarks.

The Cultural Corridor Coalition of Las Vegas, Nevada is a nonprofit organization that promotes cultural diversity and inclusion. For over 25 years, the coalition has been an advocate for immigrants from all walks of life in Southern Nevada. They have been instrumental in making Las Vegas one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States by providing resources to minority communities and partnering with other organizations that share their vision.

What is the Cultural Corridor Coalition? The Cultural Corridor is a coalition of organizations, individuals, and businesses that promote Las Vegas as the cultural center of Southern Nevada. They are committed to preserving our heritage and maintaining our diverse ethnic cultures by providing educational opportunities for all. 

Their mission statement is “To provide quality arts education opportunities through culturally-relevant programs in order to enrich lives.” 

They have many different projects they work on including: artist residencies with local artists; art classes for children; exhibitions highlighting diversity in culture; murals created by community members.

The Cultural Corridor Coalition is a Las Vegas Nevada based non-profit organization with the mission to provide leadership, advocacy, and resources to empower diverse communities. The coalition’s vision is to create an environment where people of all backgrounds have the opportunity for self-determination, economic success, social justice, and cultural equity.

Las Vegas Nevada has been named one of America’s most culturally diverse cities by Time Magazine in 2013 This article will discuss how this diversity can be celebrated through Artistic Intervention Strategies These strategies are designed to help improve the quality of life for individuals and community members who do not typically get access or exposure within arts organizations and the general community.

The Cultural Corridor Coalition of Las Vegas Nevada is a non-profit organization that has been in operation since 2009. They are committed to preserving, promoting, and developing the arts in Southern Nevada through art exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and more.

Las Vegas is a vibrant city with something for everyone. Whether you are looking to gamble, party or simply enjoy the beautiful desert scenery, Las Vegas has it all. But there’s always been something missing from this oasis in the desert: a cultural destination that celebrates and respects all cultures.

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