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Statutes of Limitations After An Accident in Nevada

Statutes of Limitations After An Accident in Nevada

There are a lot of critical legal matters to consider if you have a case that needs to go to court. One of the most essential and prevalent forms of litigation revolves around personal injury cases, such as auto accidents. With this in mind, you must be sure you are putting your best foot forward by understanding what the law says about your case. To do this, consider the points below as you move forward with your case with success in mind.


Tip #1: Know What Your Particular State Says When Regarding The Statute Of Limitations

It is important to remember and realize that statutes of limitations vary greatly depending on the state that you live in. It is a state-wide issue; your recourse is what and where you live. Research the code outlined within your state so you know how much time you have when dealing with statutes of limitations. As a rule of thumb, many states have statutes of limitations that last about two years or so. That will be critically important to your case because, in most situations, you cannot sue the other party or receive a legal settlement if your case extends beyond the statute of limitations. The time will start ticking as soon as the accident occurs, so quickly begin documenting your case and taking the proper actions to stay within the statute of limitations.

To know the Effect of laws of limitation from other countries or states, please read NRS 11.020.

Tip #2: Read The Legal Code To Know Which Statute Of Limitations Refers To Which Type Of Injury

While each state has a statute of limitations for personal injury cases, ensure you read the fine print within the code. It is because many states have different statutes of limitations depending on the type of personal injury case. For example, auto accidents might have statutes of limitations of two years, while medical malpractice cases might have statutes of limitations for five years. You must be specific in your research so that you are always aware of your legal options.

Consider reading NRS 11.190 for more details.


Tip #3: Understand The Prospect Of Tolling The Statute

Finally, it is essential to realize that in some situations, you may be able to extend the period known as the statute of limitations. This process is known as tolling the statute. There are some times in which this might be valid, including situations where you and the other party could not develop a formal settlement agreement, the other party left the crime scene, or you are having insurance issues prolonging the case. The recourse in this action would be to sue for an extended statute of limitations. Depending on the circumstances, your case can benefit from an indefinite extension of this statute.

Consider these points as you recover from your personal injury or auto accident.

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