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Where Does Child Custody Fall When The Parents Are Not Married?

Child Custody When Parents Are Not Married

An ever-increasing number of US residents are choosing not to marry. However, often they still choose to have children. Hence, a lot of children are born to unmarried parents. It opens the door to many questions about paternity, custody, and support. Understanding this as you go forward is crucial, especially if you desire to play a vital role in your child’s life.

Paternity Acknowledgment

The first obstacle in the matter of custody is often that of paternity. When two people are married, they are presumed to be the biological parents to any child conceived. When the parents are unmarried, there are additional steps in the process, although they do not need to be complicated. A straightforward method involves both parents signing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form, which they file at the Office Of Vital Records, and the birth certificate is then produced based on it.

That being said, if the mother attempts to block the father in the acknowledgment of paternity, he may bring suit in court so that he can take a DNA test. A mother may also bring a suit if the man alleged to be the father will not acknowledge paternity. Apart from unusual cases, DNA tests are conclusive. However, providing paternity does not equal custody – it simply means there is a right to petition for it. Paternity recognition affects child support as well.

Questions Related To Custody

Child Custody Attorney Las Vegas

After establishing paternity, Nevada law (NRS 125C.001) requires that the child’s best interests be considered while deciding on custody. Maintaining a relationship with both parents is generally considered beneficial unless circumstances make such a relationship unfit. Several factors are taken into account when deciding which parent would be best for the child, including the child’s preference (if they are old enough to express it), the child’s relationship with each parent, the need to establish new relationships such as moving or changing schools, and the mental health of each parent as well as any history of violence.

Awarding joint custody is common in Nevada courts; this is especially true when both parents can sit down and plan how to parent together. So long as you can prove that you have good character and can provide a stable home life for your child, there is a high likelihood that at the least you will be granted joint custody, as stated in NRS 125C.002.


Enlist The Help Of An Attorney Who Has Experience

Things can get very personal, and custody battles can become complicated, even when both parents are married. Having a lawyer in your corner who has experience in paternity and custody law can help remove a lot of the confusion and delay, especially considering the importance of the end result. At Donn W. Prokopius, Chtd, the attorneys have much experience in such cases and are happy to help you figure out the best way forward. Give us a call today, and we will set up an initial appointment together.

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